Software prototyping

Spring 2023 (Archived)


Class overview

This software prototyping (ID311) course offered in the department of Industrial Design at KAIST aims to provide students with the theoretical and practical programming background to develop software for the web. Students who take this course should be already familiar with the basics of programming and are expected to spend considerable time during the semester programming short assignments and a final project. The course objectives are 1) to teach computational thinking through programming, 2) to familiarize students with the developing environment and language for web applications (i.e. Ecmascript 6 a.k.a. JavaScript), 3) to practice with common programming paradigms such as Object-Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, and Event-Driven programming.

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Tuesday - Thursday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm (noon)
Building N25, Room 414 409 (4th floor) - OFFLINE

Office hours: before and after class, or by appointment

Week 1

Setting up (due Sunday, 11:59 pm)


Week 2


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Week 9

April 25 & 27: No classes (substituted with week 8)

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Week 13

Tuesday, May 23 no class

Thursday: Team feedback with TA

Week 14

Team Mentoring Session (Tuesday & Thursday)

Week 15

Week 16

⭐️ FINAL PRESENTATIONS ⭐️ Thursday June 15 @ 10:00 am - noon in N25 - 414

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